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Ways To Hack PUBG Mobile on Android Devices

Hello everyone welcome to my blog, today I am going to tell you the best way to cheat PUBG Mobile in an Android device. These methods nowadays used by the game cheaters. If you don’t know how they do this and wanna know how you can then read this post.

First, PUBG Mobile always push an update to protect their data from third-party apps and tools. So if they protecting the data then why PUBG Mobile is not a completely fair play game. To know this answer read the further answered question after the post.

PUBG Mobile hacks works in different ways and we going to discuss them. There are five different ways which hackers and cheaters use to hack the game. Some of the methods are not easily detected and some of them are also working on main account.

PUBG Mobile team working well and doing all the stuffs but there is still some methods which are still not patched and working in the game. So lets discuss them one by one and know which hack is more popular.

1. ESP

ESP hack is also known as Extrasensory Perception, this method is also known as one of the best method. This method gains the details of the surrounding and uses the sixth sense method which detects the behavior of moving objects. This method is undetectable because it works with game server and its original data.

This method doesn’t change the game data which helps the hack to remain undetected. ESP hack works with both online and offline games. You can use this hack by fetching the fresh data from the game. ESP hack earlier works in emulator but nowadays its become possible to cheat the game in android device as well.

2. LUA Scripts

This method basically works with all the games on android devices. This hack method of using LUA Scripts is not too much secure. Using lua scripts you overwriting the data of game which is not fully antiban. LUA Scripts are not the hack actually but that contains the values which may be in the form of DWORD or FlOAT.

Lua hack scripts work smoothly and these work almost with every game that’s the major thing. Using LUA scripts properly a lengthy process so many people avoid this and use injector and ESP hack.

3. Injectors

Injectors are basically the same as LUA scripts, you can create your own injector by the help of sketchware application. But you need to find the antiban values which will helps you to cheat game without any problem or ban.

Injectors work with one click, I lua scripts you have to wait for some seconds while the hacks loads, but injectors do it fast as possible. Injectors works with game data they inject the data into the game and this helps them to work faster and securely.


Modified apk is the best method of cheating this works with the game. Modified apk are also known as mod apks, they just change the read write data in the game. This allows the users to cheat the game securely. Mod apk of PUBG Mobile currently now using but they giving ban.

You can try pubg mobile mod apk which will work but they will give you ban as soon as you enter in the game. PUBG Mobile mod apk has mod menu, which will show you all the hacks. This mod menu is a injector file which is integrated in the game. So you don’t require any external medium to cheat the gamee.

5. Mod Data

PUBG Mobile is not easy to cheat as we all know, but there are some method which are easy and they work with latest version. PUBG Mobile mod data is one of the hack which works in root or non root devices. This method is use to increase the damage of the bullets fired and helps you to aim faster.

This mod data basically a config file that many gamers use to increase the FPS or to cheat the game. PUBG Mobile currently banned changing the data or the files in the game directory. So this method not working properly or may not work if you try this in your game.

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  • I understand your concern and I finally decided to launch an app in which you have to earn points then I will give you a redeem code. If I give you everything directly then it might be not right.

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