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Valorant Mobile: Releases, Size, Gameplay Review & More

Valorant is one of the best game to play in 2021 on PC. This game has millions of downloads. Valorant Mobile is really a hot topic and I decided to give you an overview about the game release date, size and about the gameplay. The game that in this post we are talking about it not developed by the Riot Games.

Valorant Mobile alternative game that is available for mobile devices is Project M. Project M is said to be the Valorant Mobile. The game officially not released globally but soon they will launch it for the global users. Game graphics are nice and work smoothly with medium-end devices.

How To Get Valorant Mobile?

Valorant Mobile is not officially released for global users as I said earlier. The game is still in beta stage and they didn’t mention when they will be releasing the game to the global users. I tried to go deeper in this topic but there is no relevant details about the game release date.

Game graphics that I was talking about are of Project M. So first of all we will discuss about the Project M game and how it looks similar to the the Valorant PC.

What is Project M?

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Project M is the mobile game release by NetEase Studios (China). The game is totally similar to the original game Valorant. The game has good graphics and details with no lag and less bugs. As I said the game in the beta stage so there are some bugs but soon they will fix them. I didn’t like the mobile version too much and I will tell you the reasons why I don’t like the mobile version of the game.

Project M is said to be the Valorant Mobile for android/ iOS users. The game released in China, and other eastern countries. Game size is around 1.3-1.6GB and usually the games with better graphics comes in this size range. Size is not the factor right now because it lies between expected size range.

Well, we can say the the Project M is the valorant mobile clone game that we can download and play right now. If you really crave for the Valorant mobile then you can download the Project M for android devices. I am not sure about the valorant mobile is fake or not.

Is Valorant Mobile Fake

Valorant Mobile is fake or not is really a simple questions. Valorant the game that developed by Riot Games has not updated and mention anything about the Valorant Mobile game. There are several games available such as Project M and there are many games which has similar gameplay like Valorant.

I can say that the Project M is not the game that we hoping to be Valorant Mobile. If it so, then it will be great for mobile devices. I played the game on mobile devices and I really appreciate the game but I don’t like it on mobile devices.

Now the question will arrive in your mind apart from the topic that how you can play Valorant Mobile (Project M) right now. Then don’t worry you have to first download a VPN and then you have to use the free China server in order to download from the Chinese playstore.

There is no official valorant mobile launch date but you can take advantages of the free version. If you interested in downloading then valorant mobile app then the data charges will be around 1.6GB.

There are no official valorant servers available on mobile devices and there is a risk of data leak from your device. That’s why I said that I don’t like the valorant mobile right now. That’s the reasons that you should avoid the game. If you have a emulator in your PC then you can try on emulator.

Valorant Mobile Characters might vary but in the Project M the characters are different then the actual Valorant Game. I didn’t know too much about the characters but you can see on the above images.

Gameplay Review

Gameplay of the Valorant Mobile is really nice as it has graphics similar to the PC version. There are lot’s of gameplays available online on YouTube about the gameplay. But why bother all of the gameplays are of Project M, and you can also download valorant mobile “Project M” on your android device from Google Playstore. But you need to download a VPN in order to download the game for your device if it’s not available in your country.

I took a video of Panda (YouTuber) played Valorant Mobile for first time on mobile. You can watch his reactions and many more things. Personally I like the graphics of the game and it is overall a good and best alternative for the Valorant on Mobile.

Will Valorant come to mobile?

The chances of Valorant Mobile are high. There are lot’s of rumors about the game. Riot Games the developers of Valorant didn’t specify much details on the mobile version. But they said that the mobile version of valorant is coming.

Valorant mobile app download link?

There is no valorant mobile app download link available on the internet. You can download and play Project M (Netease) which is a clone of the original game.

Valorant Mobile on iOS?

Yes, valorant mbile is also coming to iOS devices. Valorant game will release on both mobile platforms android & iOS.

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