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Top 6 Game Hacking Apps For Android Devices (2022)

Top 6 game hacking apps that aree the part of the android. In this post I am sharing a list of best game hacking apps that you can use. All these apps have their distinct features and work on rooted and non-rooted devices. They work with various types of method in the case of game hacking and game modding.

Many users use Game Guardian as their primary cheating app, which is one of the most popular game hacking app available online. There are many apps that perform best in case of game hacking. But I pick my favorite game hacking apps. So you don’t have to search about the top game hacking apps. These apps can be downloaded through their official website.

Game Hacking Apps in 2022

Today in this article I am sharing top game hacker apps. These game hacker apps will allows you to change in-game data. All the apps are available for download from their official website. You can choose any app according to your needs. All the apps has various features and adaptive UI. Some of them works with online online games and some works for both online-offline games.

Choosing the best game hacking app will give you better results. If you just wanna hack online games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Free Fire, COC, COD Mobile, etc. Then you can prefer game guardian and cheat engine. I haven’t created a dedicated post on these hacking apps but soon I will make it clear.

Both the app works perfectly with the online games. There are some disadvantages of these apps also, which we will discuss later in this post.

The list doesn’t contain all the game hacking apps. But I picked my top 6 best game hacking apps that I had used on my android devices. I tried these apps and I am happy with their results and they work for me in different versions of Android. The top game hacking apps that you can prefer right now are listed below. Before you go through the list you have to know what are game hacking apps.

What are game hacking apps?

Game hacking apps are kind of android apk that work as an exploit. They work in different ways by which they exploits the game in different manner. Lucky patcher modify the application while game guardian, cheat engine, cree hack, game killer, directly modify the game data.

These apps are working in 2022 and they can hack any android game. I really like these game hacker apps and I want you to test these apps in your android device. Some of them work with rooted devices and some don’t, but you can take advantage of game guardian like applications by using Vmos pro virtual space.

Top Game Hacking Apps

These are the working game hacking apps. Few of them work in rooted devices while other works on non-rooted. You can use dual space as I mentioned to get the root access for these apps.

1. Game Guardian

Top Game Hacking Apps

Game Guardian is one of the best game hacking available right now, this app has its own UI and it’s own working methods. This tool works on LUA scripts or you can manually search the values to cheat the game.

Now, if you don’t know what are LUA scripts then let me tell you, that LUA scripts are the .lua based coding. These coding scripts used to modify the game data instead of searching the values in the game.

This is one of the best game hacking app that modifies the game data and allows you to cheat the game easily. This app get popularity in 2016 and now it’s on top of the list, on many websites. It is the best app that can be used to cheat online and offline games.

Game Guardian is the best game cheating app for android devices because its works on both rooted or nonrooted devices. With the help of game guardian you can hack online games.

2. Cheat Engine

Top Game Hacking Apps

Cheat Engine and Game Guardian are similar to each other. I commonly use both apps and they work for me very well. Cheat Engine also works on cheating the game using string, or values. You can easily modify the game data using cheat engine.

Cheat engine is also a best game hacker app available on PC and android devices. Which means it works on Android devices as well as on Windows.

You can cheat PC games using cheat engine without any problem or error. I like cheat engine because many of the top game hacking app won’t on PC games and Android games. To use cheat engine you have to learn about some basic hacking rules.

3. Xmodgames

Top Game Hacking Apps

Xmodgames is the best game hacking tool for android & ios devices. I like the user interface of this app which is good as compare to other best game hacking apps. This app is also popular because it runs on the LUA scripts easily. The best part of this app is it is available for iOS devices as well.

This app mainly popular to cheat some popular games such as Pokemon Go, Minecraft SE, Clash of Clan, etc. This app has the ability to modify online game data and cheat them easily. XmodGames developers regularly working on it to fix bugs and to provide better compatibility.

4. Lucky Patcher

Top Game Hacking Apps

Lucky Patcher is a simple patching tool that modifies apk. This app has distinct features and many users like it. It helps you to buy items in games without spending real money. This app also remove the google ads which are really annoying.

One thing that I don’t like about this app is it won’t support all the apps or games. This becomes difficult when we try to cheat online games such as Fortnite, Free Fire, etc., it won’t work in all apps or games. Lucky patcher is also one of the best android game hacking app available online.

5. SB Game Hacker

Top Game Hacking Apps

SB Game hacker is one of the most popular game hacking app for android devices. This tool is powerful enough to cheat any game without letting the game crash. SB Game Hacker mainly does the work of increasing points or money in the game.

I used this app earlier when I enter the game hacking era. Now, this tool may not be available but you can find it on their official website.

This tool might not work on all devices, but this is a good app for beginners. This app also helps you to lower the speed of the game character, for example, Flappy Bird is now even played by kids. This game lowers the speed of flying birds and it helps the player to fly the bird without any crash.

6. Game Killer

Top Game Hacking Apps

Game Killer is also a good app but as usual, this app also requires superuser access, which means root access to your android device. There are only a few apps that work in android non-rooted devices. Game Killer is an app that works in the background and cheats the game.

This app has a bad UI means it’s not appropriate for some users. This app has it’s own hacking function, that’s why I included this app top game hacking app. Once you start the app it runs in the background and you can access this app while playing the game by clicking on the app overlay.


According to my opinion, I like all the apps that’s why included all LOL! There are some basic things which make my opinion towards Game Guardian, it’s UI and it works in all android games and apps, that’s why it called the best game hacking app. Game Guardian is best in my opinion but you can also prefer anyone of them.

So there are all the best game hacking apps which I included in this list. If you have any suggestions regarding this post then let me know in the comment section. I hope you will find your best game hacking app for android devices.

FAQs on Top Game Hacking Apps

Best game hacking app?

There are so many apps but one it comes to which is best game hacking app then it become harder to say. But according to me Lucky Patcher is a top game hacking app for beginners and for users who know the game hacking they can use Game Guardian.

What is the best game hacker app?

There are lot’s of game hacking applications are available and some of them works with any game. On my top of list is game guardian because it allows me to search values instantly.

Is Lucky Patcher illegal?

Using any app which allows you to exploit games is illegal. The simple reason for this question is it decreases the developer’s revenue and it also harms their apps.

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