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The Most Expensive CSGO Skins in the history of Counter-Strike (2022)

CSGO skins galore. Today I am sharing a list of all the most expensive and available CSGO skins. CSGO skins can reach truly insane values, and these have been the most expensive in the history of Valve’s shooter. Do you know why?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a great market reference in terms of buying and selling CSGO skins in the game. Valve revolutionized this type of transaction by granting space to the community in which it only participates by taking a scratch of the money that moves in a transaction, and the amount can be exorbitant. Throughout the history of the CS: GO, we have come to see how more than 100,000 dollars were moved in a single sale. Of course, it must be taken into account that the highest value ones are usually carried out outside the official game market.

It can leave many doubts. The most obvious arises with respect to the mere possibility that these articles reach such high values. Behind it, the almost morbid need arises to know which have been the most expensive throughout the history of the CS: GO. Get ready, because you would surely have to work for several years to be able to buy some of the ones that will appear on this list.

Why some CSGO skins can be so expensive?

The price of Counter-Strike skins is far from random, and the value of CSGO skins is so high due to a number of historical factors. The most obvious is the existence of a resale market that allows you to get a slice of investment and that operates as an unregulated market. Prices change constantly and depend on the difficulty of obtaining. But also on the classic variation between supply and demand.

The skin price also increased for years due to the possibility of trading them on external pages that were dedicated to betting and casino games. A possibility that Valve cut by applying surgical measures, but with effects that are still felt in the Steam market. According to a survey carried out by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming and Narus Advisors, around 5 billion were handled by the CS betting markets in 2016. An amount that doubled according to the databases handled by DMarket in 2019. Of course, in this last period only taking into account the platform market (betting is almost extinct).

With these data, it must be taken into account that each skin has a different rarity and that the probability of obtaining the most expensive elements is extraordinarily low. The rarest CSGO skins in the game (red and extra rare) appear in 0.64 and 0.26% of the cases. A combined probability that does not reach 1% to which we have to include attrition rates and the possibility that they include the StatTrack kill counter that is 10% per roll. The value of the CSGO skins depends on:

  • Weapon Quality: Normally, an increase in rarity means an improvement in the price of weapons.
  • Bonus Content: StatTrack, Status Souvenir, or Stickers can increase a weapon’s value.
  • Wear: Even in the same skin, the rate of wear and especially the category can cause the value to vary.
  • Rarity: Difficult to measure. But the rarer a skin, the higher its value.

Now yes, let’s go with the Most Expensive CSGO Skins in the history of Counter-Strike

Skadoodle’s Legendary AWP

If there is a quintessential cosmetic that we have all wanted to get our hands-on, that is the Dragon Lore AWP. When you consider that Cobblestone Collection boxes are currently around $300 and are the only way to get this rifle in Souvenir Edition, it’s easy to see why the prices are so high. The weapon can be obtained in a weekly drop, but the chances of getting it are practically ridiculous.

There are no items listed on the main skin sales page, but they can be worth just over $2,000 in fair wear and tear without Souvenir status. Still, none of these cosmetics will measure up to the one sold in 2018 for $61,052.63. The price was raised so much because it included Skadoodle’s signature, which also corresponded to the only major in history won by an American team. An event in which the player was crucial.

Karambit Blue Gem Virtual diamonds

Tempered steel CSGO skins are probably the ones with the most fluctuating price. The price range of these CSGO skins can range from a few dollars to amounts that include several leading zeros and before the comma. The reason is that the color pattern is totally random and can be completely blue, which gives rise to a color palette baptized as “ Blue Gem ” that has become one of the most desired objects of all.

In the case of the Karambit, which is already a rare knife in itself, prices have reached over $100,000. And there are offers for even more. For the AK-47, which is somewhat easier to obtain, one of these blue gems can reach a value close to 32,000 currency units. Collectors’ items that are not sold as jewelry are even rarer than real pearls.

M4A4 Copyright issues

Plagiarism is not always synonymous with having bad intentions. Valve accepted a fan-created M4A4 skin that turned out to be the result of blatant copying to another artist. A situation that caused a design change in this Howl and forced it to be withdrawn from the market. The result was clear: only the owners were going to keep it after a few minor design changes.

The price increased due to the limited supply. And over the years, it has only increased. This situation has meant that the weapon, originally without a very high price, ended up reaching prices of 9,000 dollars in new versions from the factory. Of course, if we accompany it with some strange stickers, its value can triple.

Karambit Scarlet Cloth in mint condition

Scarlet Cloth knives are some of the most coveted knives in Counter-Strike. But they have a problem: they’re also so sensitive to wear. It just gets too noticeable. And that causes the value to increase exponentially on items that are in better condition. There are hardly any for sale, and this combination of factors always leads to exorbitant prices.

In the case of the most popular knives: Karambit and Boyoneta M9, the value has skyrocketed to $60,000 and $45,000, respectively. It, of course, is when we’re talking about newly crafted items that are paired with a StatTrack stat counter. The best of the best of the entire arsenal available in Counter-Strike.

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iBUYPOWER Stickers

Perhaps you thought that we were going to forget about this section, but some CSGO stickers can be as expensive as the CSGO skins themselves. They increase the price of weapons when used but devalue the set. Separately, the two standout pieces are the Titan Katowice 2014 Holographic Sticker, which was recently announced for over $11,000. And the iBUYPOWER Holographic Sticker from the same competition: sold for over $14,000. The reason for the price is simple: they were two of the fan-favorite teams, and they ended up disappearing.

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