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PUBG Mobile No Recoil Tips To Reduce Recoil

How you can control recoil in pubg mobile without any hack. This is very common question that how can we reduce the recoil in the game. There are so many users who interested in knowing how you can control recoil in PUBG Mobile without any hack or cheat.

Today I am telling you a correct way by which you can control recoil in your game. This helps in all the game which you play most, it may be PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite. This trick or way works in all the games, so let’s start this trick to maintian your recoil in the game.

There are some features already available in your android device to reduce recoil or to control recoil. By the way we will use that trick or features to easily step down the recoil. This will also helps you in faster aiming if you are a gamer. To start this trick you should know about the features which are available in your android devices.

When you open PUBG Mobile settings you see a gyroscope option. Gyroscope is a sensor which detects the device angles. This sensor will helps us to control the recoil in the game. Now the question arises in your mind is how? answer, is very simple and easy to tell.

When you turn on your gyroscope in your game then you will see, when you enter in the game or in training ground, that your crosshair is moving without touching or moving your screen. This is what the gyroscope sensor called for, when you try to shoot the gun then tilt your device downward to lower the recoil.

Remember that this trick  is only to control the recoil and to aim fast on other enemies while in close combat. If you want to reduce shake then you half grip which is best in my opinion, otherwise it is your choice. I have mention steps below by which you can turn on your gyroscope and how to setup it correctly.

  • To turn on your gyroscope go to settings, then choose gyroscope.
  • Now you will see option such as always on, or scope on. This meaning gyroscope will only works one you scope in, if you turned on always on then it will always stay with you.
  • Now after turning on the gyroscope at your desire option, you have to check out the training ground first before entering the battle ground.
  • Do training with your gyroscope and become a perfect gyroplayer. This trick will also helps you in many more features, such as aiming, sniping, assaulting.

After doing these steps choose the sensitivity which fits you best. I am not forcing you to copy other pro players sensitivity settings. Just create your own sensitivity settings to perform more better and accurate in your game. So guys thanks for reading this helps me a lot for more tricks and ways to become a pro gamer follow us.

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