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Play Banned Games in Android and iOS Devices

If you interested in any game and your country’s government won’t then you may face the problem of the ban on games. In this post, we will discuss how you can play games that are currently banned in your country or games which are not available in your country.

To solve this issue you need to know first how it works. To solve the issue of a ban, we look at the countries and their IP addresses. Suppose you are a user from India or somewhere else and you want to play PUBG Mobile or any banned game, which is currently not available in your country.

To fix this issue of ban or not available app on AppStore and play store. We need to change the IP address of your device, to change the IP address you can VPN or your own host file to change your IP address. This way you can play any game or unlock all the things which you are banned in your country, it may be a website, app, or game.

I am using this trick to play games on android and visit those websites which are banned. Some hacking websites were banned in India and that’s the reason why I use VPN to unblock them. Below I have mentioned some instructions which will help you to unbanned the games and apps which are currently banned.

If you want your IP should be hidden from the server then you can buy a VPN pro version or you can use another free VPN. I don’t recommend you to use pro services for unbanned games and other apps, this feature doesn’t require a premium service. Read the below instructions properly to use this trick.

Play games that are banned

  1. Just download a VPN whatever you choose you can try out Panda VPN or VPN Inf my favorite vpn.
  2. Now just open the vpn.
  3. Now choose server to USA or somewhere else where the game is currently playable or avialable.
  4. Once your VPN get connected a ‘key’ icon will appear in notification bar panel.
  5. This is the indication of connection, means the connection established successfully.
  6. Now just open your playstore app or appstore app, and download your desire game.
  7. Now you will see that you will find your app or game for free.

This is the simple method which almost everyone use but some users don’t know. I created this post to share this info with users who actually facing the problem how to play banned games. If you don’t know yet about this process then comment your review about our trick in comment section. If you still have some doubts you can ask me here or on social media handles.

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