Phasmophobia Hack, Phasmophobia Pc Hack, Phasmophobia Ghost Hack

Phasmophobia Hack PC Free (Speed/ No Clip/ Ghost) Free Download 2022

Phasmophobia hack download for PC. Phasmophobia is a indie-horror game that available for windows. Phasmophobia is a great game for those who loves paranormal activities and games based like on that. If you have an android device then you can check out our top android horror games. This game is really nice, I like it’s 2D graphics and it is really smooth with less glitches.

Today, in this post I am sharing the hack of Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia hack will allow you to interact with things in a different manner. You will be able to see ghosts by using ESP, you can move fast and much more. Phasmophobia hacks are the only thing that you can use to find the hidden truths in the game. You can solve mysteries within a second and there is no waste of time.

What is Phasmophobia PC hack?

Phasmophobia Hack, Phasmophobia Pc Hack, Phasmophobia Ghost Hack

Phasmophobia hacks are the exploit that allows you to see ghosts, skip clips, and help you to move fast. Phasmophobia cheats are the only thing that you can use right now to complete the game. We all use mods in various games to complete the game. Phasmophobia hacks are types of modes that allows you to do various things at a time. There are various types of cheat available in the Phasmophobia cheats.

Phasmophobia ESP Hack

Phasmophobia ESP hack will give you the location of the Ghosts, players and items in the game. You can use esp hack to track ghosts in the game. This is the best and really a easy way to find hidden items in the game.

ESP hack comes with different features that I have mention. You can read them or you can skip this part. You can download this hack from below download button.

  • Player ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Ghost ESP
  • Customize ESP
  • More

Phasmophobia Ghost Hack

Ghost Hack is really important right? yes, offcourse! it is important. So in this cheat mod menu for Phasmophobia you will see various types of cheats. You can use them all, without any problem. I have mentioned them below, so check them out and if you like then download the Phasmophobia hack for PC.

  • Ghost ESP
  • Ghost Wander
  • Ghost Idle
  • Hunt Ghost
  • Ghost Information

Misc Features

Some other features of this hack are, you can increase your sanity to max. You can also render the ghost in the game. There are so many other features that you will see when you use this in your game.

I like Phasmophobia cheats and they work fine. There are other game hacks available for Phasmophobia. You can download best hacks according to you for this game. Please make sure that you read the instructions before you use hack.

  • Full Bright Mode
  • Reveal Evidence
  • Max Sanity
  • Complete Missions
  • No Clip
  • Speed Hack

How To Use Cheat in Phasmophobia

Please download all the required files, they are necessary otherwise you will run into errors.

  1. First download an injector, then download the .DLL file from the below download button.
  2. You can download any injector of your choice. But I will recommend the injector that I have link to.
  3. Once you downloaded the file, make sure that you have turned off your antivirus.
  4. Unzip the file after disabling the antivirus.
  5. Now open the game directory. Right click on the game icon, then click on open file location.
  6. Paste the downloaded dll file into the game directory. Once you did, turn on your antivirus and exclude the file.
  7. Once you are in the game, press ‘Insert’ to open the mod menu.
  8. Enjoy!

This is all you need to do in order to run hack in the game. All the required files link are given below. If you prefer them directly it will be good or you can download them from here. All the files are tested in windows 10, so if you are using a older version of windows then please make sure that the cheats of Phasmophobia are compatible with your Windows version.



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