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Pet Simulator X Script (Auto Farm/ Infinite Money/ Dupe) Free Download 2022

Pet Simulator script is here. Hello pet lovers, today I am sharing the latest version of the pet simulator x script. This script file provides different types of mods such as infinite money, autofarm, dupe and more.

If you are searching for pet simulator x hack, then you are at the right place. This script file is provided by different authors and it is free. So anyone can use it to exploit the game without getting banned or something. There are so many users have downloaded the script file and using it to complete the game tasks and missions.

What is Pet Simulator X Script?

Pet simulator X script is a lua based script which is used to exploit the game data. These scripts runs with an external tool known as “Script Executors”. One of the most popular script executor tool is synapse x, which is also available on our site. You can use these script executors to run scripts, mods in the game. Scripts are used to manipulate the game data, with the help of these scripts you can change game settings.

Pet simulator x script files provides all the benefits that you need in the game. Well I am a popular fan of LUA scripts and I used them to cheat games. LUA is a light-weight language and it helps us in so many aspects.

In this post I am sharing few pet simulator x scripts that you can use. These scripts are free to use and about thousands of people have already downloaded them from different sources. You can rely on these scripts but I don’t recommend it on your main account.

You can create a new account and then use these cheats. I will share this info in the instructions section. If you don’t know how to use the pet simulator x script file then you can the mentioned instructions.

Pet Simulator X Script Features

Below I have mentioned about the features and their use in the game.

Auto Farm

Auto Farm is one of the most popular and most used cheat of the Pet Simulator X. Many users used this cheat to complete the farming tasks. You can also increase the speed of the auto farm with the speed option available.

Auto Redeem Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards are important to get free items. With this feature you don’t have to manually claim the rank rewards. All rewards will be credited in your account as soon as you achieve the higher ranks.

No Lag

Lag is one of the measure problem in online games. With this miscellaneous feature available in the script. This will adjust the game settings to get the better FPS.

Walk Speed

You can also adjust the speed of the character movement in the game. This walk speed hack allows you to do so, I have checked and it is working fine with the latest version of the Pet Simulator X.

Pet Dupe

Dupe means duplicate, with the help of the script available you can easily dupe your pets in the game. Pet Simulator X dupe script work better than I thought. You can easily dupe pets in the game without any issue. I have updated the scripts for the better results.

Gem Dupe

Same as pet, it also works fine. I have decided to not use this mod because, in some cases I found that it crash the engine (Game). Other than that, it is good and easily works with the latest version of the Pet Simulator X.

So are some features you can get in the pet simulator x. These features are easy to use and provide all the benefits you need to complete the game tasks. Below I have mentioned instructions to use the pet simulator x scripts.

Advantages of Pet Simulator Hack

Pet simulator hack is useful in so many cases. Well I don’t recommend using it for your main account. Advantages of using the script in pet simulator x are as follows;

  • You will be able to complete tasks faster.
  • You can duplicate pets.
  • You can increase gems.
  • You can auto farm and in some cases you can also increase the speed.
  • Some speeds also has no lag feature.

Available Script Executor

Proxo Exploit – It’s great and available for free.

Sentinel – Free to use but unwanted ads.

Synapse X – Paid but awesome

JJSploit – One of the best available tool from wearedevs.

How To Use Pet Simulator X Script

Read the steps properly that are not tough. You can also watch videos on YouTube, there is no change in the steps, well it depends upon the tool that you are using.

  • Download Synapse X or any other script executor tool from our website.
  • Now click the below download button to download the list of the scripts. After downloading the script make sure that you placed it somewhere else, apart from the download folder.
  • Copy the script file and then run the game in the windowed mode.
  • Run the script executor tool in the background, and then open the tool and run the script once the game is running.
  • Make sure that the game is running properly, otherwise the scripts will not work.
  • Synapse X is what I prefer but you can use any tool available.


Final Words

That’s all right now. I am working on some other game hacks which will be available as soon as possible. Pet Simulator X script is ready to use and download tools from our site for better support. If you run into errors then feel free to contact us.

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