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Modern OPS Mod Apk v7.63 (Unlimited Money/ Gold) Free Download 2022

Modern Ops is an online shooting game that is developed by Edkon Games. In this game you have to compete with other online players to win the game. Today I am sharing the modern ops mod apk.

Modern ops mod menu will help you to hack the game easily. In this mod apk, you will get the feature to choose hacks and mods.

App NameModern Ops Mod Menu
DeveloperEdkon Games

What is Modern Ops mod menu?

Modern ops mod apk has aimbot, radar hack, esp hack, aim assist, and more. If you play the game with modern ops mod then you will not face any kind of ban.

Modern ops mod menu working with the latest version and stil undetected. If you intrested in downloading this mops mod apk then you can download it from the below download button.

Before you proceed to download the modern ops mod menu read the below information. To get the better knowledge about ‘what is Modern ops mod apk.

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Unlimited Money and Gold Coins

Yes, you will get unlimited gold coins and money in the modern ops mod apk. Modern ops mod menu apk has unlimited gold and coins.

Unlimited gold and money will help you to buy items in the game. With the help of unlimited gold and money you can buy your desire gun skin.

You can also switch characters or you can purchase a new character in the game. You can totally take advantage of modern ops mod apk 7.63 is now available on our website.


Aimbot is one of the most popular hack of modern ops. By using this hack you can easily aim at the opponent player.

You don’t have to move your aim once you target it to the enemy. After aiming at the enemy, aimbot hack will start and it will automatically kill your enemy or opponent.

Modern ops aimbot hack works with the latest version of the game. By using this hack you can easily win game and also unlock the skins easily.

ESP Hack

ESP hack in modern ops mod menu apk will allow you to see the player location. Mainly ESP hacks are used in online multiplayer games to locate the player.

There are so many user using this hack in different games. ESP hack is undetected and it works perfectly with modern ops apk. I am using this hack from past few months and it working well.

Modern ops esp hack has some awesome features. It will allows you to locate the player and kill him without finding them. You can also take advantage of modern ops wallhack.

No Recoil

No recoil hack is really important for those who cannot control recoil on their guns. Modern ops no recoil hack will allow you to set recoil to zero ‘0’. This hack used in so many popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, CSGO, and many more.

No Recoil hack of modern ops mod menu works with the latset version. There are different hacks available but this will allows you to reduce the recoil. By using this hack you can easily aim at the player.

Speed Hack

Modern ops speed hack is my favourite hack of all time. This hack allows me to move fast as flash in the DC comics. This hack works with the latest version and there is no risk of ban.

Modern ops speed hack helps you to kill your enemies at faster rate. This will helps you to get more points by killing the enemies alone.

Modern ops speed hack has some limiation and it also lags your device. I found this hack not working in the low-end devices. If you have latest version of android devices then you will surely take advantage of this hack.

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How To Install Modern Ops Mod Apk

Here are the steps if you don’t know how to install modern ops mod menu apk, then follow the below instructions.

  1. Download modern ops mod menu apk from the below download button.
  2. Once downloaded please install it on your android device.
  3. Once installtion over open the game.
  4. Now enjoy the mods!


  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Speed hack
  • Radar Hack
  • No Recoil
  • Full Spread
  • No Damage
  • Freeze Enemies
  • more

You can download modern ops mod apk from the below button. If you face any problem while downloading our files then please report us to fix the download link.


What is Modern Ops Mod Menu?

Modern ops mod menu is a modified version of the original game. In this you will get the option to choose hacks and mods. Mod menu also allows you to hack the game without any knowledge.

Is Modern Ops Mod menu will give you ban?

No, many users taking advantage of the mod apk. You can also take advantage of the modern ops mod menu.

How To Download Modern Ops mod apk?

You can download modern ops mod menu apk from our website. Please visit at the bottom of this page to download the modern ops mod apk.

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  • So..wht y’all basically did is just used a menu tht been made from platinum mods instead of making y’all own?!? I thought y’all would’ve made your own tbh instead of just using something from a different website plus the stuff y’all say isn’t even on the menu like esp, aimbot, aim assist Is on but dat isn’t aimbot. Also unlimited coins (dat obviously isn’t gonna work da game is a server sided game so not possible)… Either way y’all should’ve just made your own. If y’all didn’t feel like doing or for this specific game hack different games, y’all hack the same games for mobile nothing good. Free fire you can find that anywhere on yt, your call of duty doesn’t even work y’all said y’all fix it but it’s still crashing.. pubg that’s just a easy game to get banned on. It’s way better fps or mmo/rpg games on the play store if y’all just look and stop hacking the same thing or games dat doesn’t even be played dat much.

    • I understand your comment, I would like to inform you that from Jan 2021 we stop creating our own mods and hacks. The reason is we are only two members and it takes us so much time to create and update the game hacks. Platinmods has developers and creators in thousands. If you compare thousand people with two small developers then how can it make sense?

      Before we publish any hack on our website we try to contact the developer to get the publishing permissions. We use different social media to contact the developers. If you have not go through our disclaimer page then please check it out.

      We currently pushing 50+ game hacks and we try our best to update them all. But in some cases, it takes us longer than usual. We need team support and there is no one who gonna help us. I think you understood if you still have doubts then please contact us at our mail

  • Lmao y’all really deleteed my comment huh, hack better shit and create y’all own instead of using other people stuff.

    • No, we are not such guys who delete comments. It takes time to review all the comments and to answer them, once the comment approved you will be able to see it on the posting page. There are so many spammers worldwide who downgrading our website. To protect ourselves we need to self-approved the comments.

  • Don’t even stress about what they’re saying, y’all try to do what y’all can and that’s good enough already. People need to understand y’all have a life also and can’t just do everything on your own.

    Besides that, can you guys make something for battle prime, haven’t seen this game hacked into android yet. Seen it on iOS but it’s only no recoil, wanna know if you guys can do Aimbot/esp or anything in that category. If not then don’t worry about its alright.

  • We’ll finally I found a mod that actually (sorta) worked. I scrolled for at least an hour trying to find somthin like this. FINALLY a download worked, but it’s saying it needs to be updated….. Such a disappointment. I would download it again a soon as the hack is updated.

      • Thank Jesus, I mean there aren’t really any other websites that are actually ligit (generators are scams btw) and I’m exited to see the new version come out. It was very disappointing to see the playstore update “loop” when all of those options were right in front of me

          • This looks ligit but before I waste my time with a download that does not work, does it? Currently the real game version is 6.05 or something but this mod says it’s working for version 5.88, is it out of date, or is it an actual working mod that’s fun?

          • If this mod works with the latest version then it’s okay. If it is not working then we will update it ASAP.

  • A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME (Currently) it’s still for version 5.88 not 6.01 and you can kill anyone/ can’t kill you. You deletes the fulcrum if the game. Why don’t you test the your own mods and make sure they work IN GAME before you post and waste people’s time.

  • WASTE OF TIME. Update it. You can’t kill or do anything. Judging from the comments u did it on purpose. It’s still for 5.88 needs 6.01. another in 26 days

  • Looks like the devs here are getting some bad reviews. But I know they are actually putting in the work and are working hard. So Imma leave a good review.

      • Also, version 6.04 is out now, and a new season in a few weeks. Can’t wait till you guys get it up and running!?

      • Yes to control one website with only two people is very hard I am working in Google to delete mod of game websites I think to delete this website but when I read your comments I understand so I give you permission to run this website no one will delete your website ? ? all the best

        • But you have to update your game to v6.85 because if you not update this then no one download this this is my mind to tell you

    • Fine, I’ll give it an honest review. It’s not fair just assuming something sucks before completely going on rage mode. I WILL be sure to leave it 5 stars if you guys at sikktech figure the problem(s) out. Just please don’t leave it to us to be ur labs rats and making the consumer test the game out. Do it yourselves please before you make it official. Thank you very much.(also sorry for the repost of the same comment, you devs can delete that so you can get more costemers)

      • Działa dobrze w większości urządzeń. Nie martw się, wkrótce opublikujemy nową aktualizację.

  • no need to rush too badly, because it will be updated soon most likely. also, you can delete the “one star” comments including this. i can see 2-3 people who a checking in on this website frequently, which means demand for this mod is at an average high.

    • I now her problem I am also doing cooding only two person to control one website is very hard I think to delete this website from Google because it is mod but after listening her problem I will not delete

    • Remove the original version and it’s cache from the device. And then try again it will work. Or if there is new update that I am not aware of then let me know.

      • Already remove original version and already download mod but appear only the screen with two player at the starting and loading at right buttom..waiting for the half and hour but still loading circle but no number percent appear

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