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Minecraft LUA Script Hack + Mod Menu Download

Minecraft new mod menu hack script file is here to download for android devices. It works with game guardian and you require root permission to use this hack script. So read the post entirely if your device is root or non rooted, non rooted users can use any dual space or virtual space to use game guardian.

Minecraft hack script works with the latest version of the game and it is working in android devices. This hack script actually a LUA script which can be executed by the Game Guardain. If you don’t wanna use game guardian hack script then you can try some different methods.

Minecraft hack script has unlimited features such as fly hack, speed hack, boost hack, hitbox, etc. If you are new user and don’t know how to cheat the game properly then follow my instructions.

Minecraft lua hack script is antiban and it will not affect your account. But I don’t recommend you to use this hack script on your official account. All the hacks and mods are currently working and tested in game guardian. If you don’t know how to use the Minecraft hack script and then read the below information.

How To Use

  1. To use Minecraft hack script you need to download the game guardian app.
  2. If your device is doesn’t rooted then you can use virtual space, or VMOS pro.
  3. To use hack script first download it from the below download button. After that execute this hack script with game guardian app.
  4. After executing the Minecraft hack script simply just climb over the blocks and then turn on the hacks.
  5. You have all done!

Instructions are simple if you are a new user then you can watch tutorials on YouTube or somewhere else. Minecraft hack script works with latest version of the game. But I don’t recommend you to use this hack script on your official account.


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