Best Metaverse Games

5 Best Metaverse games To Play In 2022

Best Metaverse Games To Play In 2022

It is very normal for gamers to show their interest in best metaverse games. The reason being that lot of gamers are digital world seekers and metaverse is best digital place where gamers can explore more as compared to other games. By the introduction of meta by facebook, there are lot of things which are trying to capture the market. Some of these are games which contains tokens and NFTs, digital avatars and many other things.

Metaverse and best metaverse games are very popular words nowadays. But what is metaverse or blockchain gaming? What are the best blockchain games you should play in 2022. We will be answering all of your questions which arises when you listen to metaverse games.

Technology is continuously growing in every filed and so it should also grow in gaming. By the introduction of metaverse, the gaming industry is also developing. With the introduction of best metaverse games, everyone is excited and interested that what will be the future of gaming and where will it go.

Metaverse gaming is the evolution of technology as it connects the physical world to the virtual world. Metaverse is the pool of metaverse games its creators also dont know that where will it go and how vast it can be. People will be able to enjoy the real things in virtual manner but as the technology will evolve, the virtual will look like real.

What are Metaverse Games?

Best Metaverse Games

Metaverse games are basically new generation games also known as blockchain games. In these games players can build their own metaverse and and do social things. In metaverse gaming, players can by sell or trade or hold the assets in a decentralized manner. They can directly connect to the players over the globe and play with them.

Players can trade or build their own items in the game. They can sell it to other players in the form of NFTs. So basically metaverse games are the virtual games which looks like real world where you can do lot of things. There are games which also pays you in the form of tokens which can be further used in game or can be extracted in form of money. Lot of gamers earn their living money with the help of these games.

Metaverse, in simple terms, is a compilation of interconnected digital worlds. It includes many apps and games that allow you to be part of the online gaming community where you are represented as you are with the help of an avatar.

This is said to be a major shift in the world of physical reality and is said to be the next blockbuster in a variety of sports and virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta and giants like Microsoft invested a ton of money in this world to do research and development.

List Of Best Metaverse Games :

  • Horizon World
  • VR Chat
  • Rec Room
  • Fortnite
  • Decentraland

1. Horizon World

Best Metaverse Games

Horizon world is a best metaverse game as it allows you to interact with other peoples. It allows you to interact with your friends and you can play lot of interesting and interactive games in horizon world. It allows you to make your own world and create or edit things according to your interest. This app is free and safe to use. If you are looking for a game which is best fit in the metaverse then it is perfect choice.

2. VR Chat

Best Metaverse Games

VR chat can also be a solid option for metaverse games. This app is community based metaverse game. It allows users to interact and visit other places and you can explore the places. But you can do this to a limit as you cannot go beyond developers imagination. You can explore things in this app according to the developer only. You can create you own avatars and modify them as you want to.

3. Rec Room

Best Metaverse Games

Another community based metaverse game is Rec Room. It provides lot of activities and games to explore. It allows you to connect with the players around the globe. It allows you to socialize in the game and play with other players. You can create your own avatar and customize it according to your sense. It is purely digital metaverse game. It is available on android, PC, consoles and VR.

4. Fortnite

Best Metaverse Games

Now everyone knows what fortnite is. If you dont know about forntnite, then don’t call yourself a gamer. It is one of the most popular battle royale game. Nowadays, it is open for metaverse. As the evolution of metaverse, this game opened doors for metaverse games. You can not only play but can also experience it. Think about playing fortnite with your friends in metaverse.

5. Decentraland

Best Metaverse Games

This metaverse game is growing very rapidly since 2021. It allows you to buy your own land in metaverse and you can create your own world in decentraland. You can customize you land, build houses, or sell to some another player. You can sell you land in exchange of crypto. You can connect with other players and explore their land too and socialize with them. It is a paid game as you cannot buy land in metaverse without buying tokens of decentraland. We think you should only try this game if you want to jump into metaverse.

So this was the list of some of the metaverse games which we think you should try in 2022. These all are free of cost and are very interesting games. We would suggest you to play these game with your friends or your loving one’s so that you can enjoy more.

What can i play in metaverse ?

There are lot of things to explore in metaverse gaming. You can create, customize and edit games and game stuff. You can socialize with other gamers and much more.

Can you play metaverse games on PC ?

Yes there are certain games which you can play on Pc as well as android and consoles.

Which Metaverse is the best ?

Decentraland is one of the best metaverse till now because of its unique features of buying and selling lands in metaverse and much more.

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